One of the largest sanitary web shops in the Netherlands.

One of the largest sanitary web shops in the Netherlands. is a Twinkle top 100 positioned webshop. Which means that it is one of the 100 largest online stores in the Netherlands. Within this group, has risen to 84th place in the small six years of its existence, and each year we have achieved a significant increase compared with the year before.

This growth is achieved by a passionate team that does everything to keep it innovating, growing and fun. I, myself have contributed a little more than 5 years in the form of marketing. I have been there from the beginning and so many projects have come along. The daily activities were never the same. My role has grown enormously and I have grown from a multimedia designer to a full-fledged all-round marketer.

My responsibilities at

  • Write the marketing plan
  • Work out / monitor planning
  • Budgeting
  • Analyzes / evaluations
  • Project Management
  • Art direction
  • Web development / optimization
  • Multimedia design
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing / automation
  • SEO
  • Copywrite

Web development / optimization

You are never done developing with an online store. is no exception. We have taken major steps with the optimization of a variety of topics. From the color of the purchase button to perfecting the purchasing process.

A wise lesson here is to always share analyzed data internally. This is important for the right decision at every level. For strategic choices, writing content or restyling pages.
With the data in mind, for example, we have developed a widget so customers can put together a complete toilet themself. This gives the customer more certainty that they have the right products. Your unique selling point is not always your product, but rather the information you give. And this insight has helped us! In this specific case in the form of more complete toilet sales and fewer related questions on customer service.

Email marketing and automation

Thanks to consistent and strong email marketing, we have grown the list quickly to 80,000 registrations and counting. By always continue to develope the newsletters and thinking ahead with more personal contact with segmentation in combination with automation has ensured that email marketing has become an important part of’s marketingplan. Within each phase of the customer journey, emailmarketing or automation campaigns became integrated. A must have for every online player. Email is a strong medium for both branding and sales. It turns out that this makes it a great tool for retention marketing in a slow moving market as the sanitary industry as well.

Google adwords / Social

We communicate at different levels in terms of visibility on our online channels. Not everyone is about to buy a bathroom or related products. But this does not mean that you cannot turn them into a fan. is top of mind by the time they are about to purchase something in the sanitary field. Exactly what you want!

We have come to these different levels by testing a lot. This is how the purchase funnel was created that is realistic for the customers of We have set up our online presence based on this funnel. Email and the website are of course a big part in this, but (paid) advertisements on social and the use of adwords ensures that we can perfectly bring the right message to the right person at the right time.

For example, the strategic approach to our remarketing campaigns has shown tremendous growth in revenue. Based on the fact that the majority of visitors do not make a purchase on their first visit.

Local events conducts campaigns at national and local level. on national level is often broadcasted on tv and radio for more brand awareness.

At the local level, the focus is more on physical stores and traffic to these stores. In addition to extra attention online within the geographical areas of each store, we are also present in the perception of the residents.
This is being realized by advertisements in local magazines, local offers and much more.

Nevertheless, we also organize events in our stores. These events are conceived and developed internally from A to Z. In addition, it is always fun and educational to be present at this event!

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