Working with children: a fantastic job.


Working with children: a fantastic job.


KindVak started twenty years ago as a trade fair for the primary education, childcare and youth care sectors. the main motivation was to develop and support the needs of the child by providing professionals with the right information and services.

KindVak has been active again since 2014 with a trade fair every other year and communication in between trade fairs by means of digital media. For this they make intensive use of their own website, a digital magazine, digital newsletters and social media.

The ambition has remained unchanged in the twenty years. The way in which they pursue this has changed drastically and is still subject to change. For this reason, they reached out to KODW.NL to provide support in this.

We have been working together for several years and this collaboration is only becoming more intense due to the increasing need to establish and expand the online presence more professionally.

KODW.NL facilitates KindVak in the following areas at strategic as well as operational level:

  • Write the marketing plan
  • Work out / monitor planning
  • Budgeting
  • Analyzes / evaluations
  • Project Management
  • Art direction
  • Web development / optimization
  • Graphic / DTP work
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing / automation
  • SEO
  • SEA

Digitaal magazine

KindVak came to KODW.NL with the request to develop a digital magazine. A great fun and interesting project. After the initial phase in which the magazine and its content were coordinated for a longer-term project, we started creating the magazines. We are now 4 years down the road and 20 magazines have been set up.

You might think it gets boring after a while. But that is not the case AT ALL. Such a project becomes your child and you want it to grow as well as possible.

Of course there should always be a critical look at the whole and I came up with a recommendation to take a broader approach to marketing and to use the content that has been developed for the magazines on a broader scale so that, in addition to the trade fair, the website of KindVak gets a more prominent role within these branches when it comes to being knowledge platform.

Editorial team

Email marketing

In addition to the magazine, KindVak also came up with the challenge of making a 20-year-old database of contacts 21st century proof. With the freshly dropped AVG / GPRS law, this was also necessary. In addition, the tide had to be turned, since the list was shrinking.

The first step was the migration of the data to Mailchimp. The list then had to be cleaned up. After these steps, the list became a lot smaller. Nothing unexpected. But never fun.
The big advantage was that the numbers became much more positive. The CTR turned out higher and never dropped again. The new CRM system is directly linked to the website and with implementations of forms it has become an organic file that has grown instead of shrinking.

Next step is to create more automation and segmentation with this data.

curious how we did this?